Yes, we could feed you all the usual jargon and spin about our garments having magical massaging fibres, glider technology and power bands, but even we don’t know what all that actually means.

What we do know is that when people wear our RAWFORM shorts they honestly say they are the best compression garment they have worn. It isn’t the scientific statements they read on the back of a pack or the big brand plastered down their leg, it is a feeling they get about our shorts.

We back ourselves 100% and offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not “feeling it”.

So what is ‘THE FEELING”

It’s that overall exceptional support and pressure focused on your hips, thighs, groin and rear that gives you the immediate feeling of lightness and strength. It’s being able to last that extra distance or being able to push through a long session with optimised energy, improved endurance and reduced feeling of fatigue. You just don’t pull up as sore.

It is also the way the shorts keep everything (down there) dry, as the material reduces build-up of sweat. Actually, the whole area really feels well ventilated. As an optimal temperature regulator, the shorts make you feel warmer in cooler conditions and cooler in warmer conditions.

It’s all about how comfy they are too, yep, we’re talking about “the wedgie factor”. The structure and strength of the garment really holds everything in place and eliminates chafing. RAWFORM shorts are quite simple, reliable, awesome compression shorts.

Mostly, it’s about the feeling you get from wearing our RAWFORM Seamless Compression Shorts, we usually just say to customers “try them and feel the difference”. But if you are the type of person that really gets in to the nitty gritty and read all the about the features of our product here